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Over 39,000 people work for us in more than 70 countries all over the This breadth of global coverage, combined with specialist services

GSP Foundation

How We Started

The GSP Foundation

Historic Overview

Founded in 2001, the GSP Real Estate Limited represents the Group’s corporate social responsibility arm. We are as passionate about property as we are about the lives we touch in the process and the communities in which we operate.

We do this through involvement and support of various organisations with the aim to improve the quality of life of the less fortunate in the communities in which we operate in.

The Company’s strategy is to invest in well located, real estate assets in the established and proven markets of United Kingdom primaryly and the Global Market. Real estate assets have income and capital growth potential, realisable through active portfolio management, refurbishment, change of use and lettings. The portfolio has no material reliance on a single asset or occupier.

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Core Features

Result Based Investment

As experts in the financial and global investment market, we understand the importance of avoiding risks in investment, that is why we will setup a risk level that suits you for maximum result.

Gauranteed Security

Offering a 2FA security system that provide you with an extra level of security developed by our advanced security team and power by Google Vault API protecting you from password acctack and phising.

Premium Advisory

To ensure that clients make the right decision concerning their financial planning and invest, we offer you the best consultation session from top rated professionals around the world.

Constant Support

To enable you enjoy the very best of the services offered by Bellaray, we have structured the support team to be available to you always and attend to your needs from any where you are.

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